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I studied maths and philosophy at Durham University and then had several jobs including teaching maths; eventually I worked as an astronomer, with a PhD on the Magnetic Field of the Milky Way Galaxy. I came to the formal study of art fairly late on, and recently finished a degree in Fine Art at Staffordshire University.

My interests in art start very loosely with landscape – which is everything around me – and focuses in on science and technology in the landscape, objects, images and words, theory and knowledge. Our technology shapes our world and our thoughts and language. My graduate show, Observations, was about amateur science (making a pop-bottle magnetometer) and professional big science (in the form of radio astronomy).

I do other things, I run a Philosophy Club for sixth-formers at a local high school, I am learning to ring church bells, I am active in the Green Party.

One thought on “Lindy Brett – bio

  1. Dear Ms Brett

    Hi – I hope you do not mind my getting in touch with you. I have recently been asked by the Director of NAWM to research some of the artists who have shown in the New Art West Midlands exhibitions, and follow up on how their work and careers have been developing.

    I enjoyed visiting your website – but I wondered if you would be able to send me links or images and text about any of your own work you have been making since this exhibition? Perhaps your research/work has developed in other areas instead?

    I do hope I will hear back from you – I am intrigued to find out more about you,

    All the best

    Indra Khanna
    Independent Curator

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